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Inheritance issues


Inheritance is the legal act by which a person who dies transmits his property, rights and obligations to another or other persons, who are called heirs. Thus, heir means the natural or legal person who is entitled to a portion of the assets of an inheritance. The legal regime that regulates inheritance is the right of inheritance.

How to perform the paperwork for an inheritance

Also called inheritance, the set of assets, rights and obligations that form the assets of a person upon his death. This set of assets and rights is sometimes called hereditary flow. The hereditary flow is thus formed by the estate of the deceased at the time of death, eliminating those assets, rights and obligations that are extinguished by the fact of death. This flow is related in the inventory of goods with their corresponding liabilities. The procedures related to the inheritance, the assets that the deceased could have in his name have up to 6 months for processing, can be extended even to one year.

Steps to follow to process an inheritance

  1. Request literal death certificate after 24 hours from death to the Civil Registry.
  2. After 15 business days from the next to death, request the certificate of last will and the certificate of insurance contracts in the Ministry of the Ministry corresponding to your home.
  3. Request an authentic copy of the will in the same notary in which it was granted. If it is very old, verify who retains the protocol of the notary in the following link of the College of Notaries. For this procedure you must go to the notary with your original ID and death certificates and last wills.
  4. In the event that the deceased had not granted a will, it will be necessary to make a Declaration of Heirs. In this case, contact a notary of the place where the deceased had his last residence to be told exactly the procedure and the documents to provide. Normally you must provide the ID of the deceased in which the last address appears (you can also request the certificate of registration), death certificate and last will, in addition to indicating the data of those interested in the succession that I will indicate in another moment. The day they are going to sign the declaration, they must be accompanied by two witnesses who are not relatives of the deceased.
  5. Once the authentic will has been recovered or after 20 business days from the declaration of heirs, the inheritance can be accepted or renounced. Beforehand, you must provide the notary with all documents related to the assets of the deceased: public deeds of ownership, vehicle documentation, last receipt of the IBI, bank certificates with the balances at the date of death (these certificates will be issued to your entity bank if you provide the original death certificate), burial expenses,…
  6. When you have the authentic copy prepared, taxes must be paid; both the Inheritance Tax that governs in each Autonomous Community, as well as the Tax on the Increase in the Value of Urban Land (capital gain that depends on each City Council).
  7. Finally proceed to change ownership in the Land Registry if there are farms in the name of the deceased. For this, the original deed must be sent together with the will or the declaration of heirs and the letters of payment of the taxes to the Registry in which the farms are registered.
  8. In the same way you must proceed both in the banks in the bank accounts that you had and in traffic if there were cars in the name of the deceased. In the latter case, you must also accompany other detailed documentation on the traffic website.


  1. Photocopy of the ID of the deceased.
  2. Photocopy of the heirs.
  3. Original Banking Certificate
  4. Vehicle documents
  5. Death certificate.
  6. Last Will Certificate.
  7. Testament of the deceased person.
  8. Photocopy of the deeds of the houses to be inherited (Deed of purchase or inheritance)
  9. Copy of the Testament (if any)
  10. Life insurance certificate
  11. Inheritance tax paid (Model 660-650)
  12. Capital gain tax paid.
  13. Cadastral Registration
  14. Registration in the property registry.


  • Prior advice.
  • Processing of service.
  • Sending of supporting documents.
  • Backup file of digitized documentation.
  • Attention of requirements when necessary.


Inheritance issues 490,00 euros*

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  • Documentation Review.
  • Preparation of preliminary drafts.
  • Sending the draft for customer confirmation.
  • Processing of service.
  • Sending of supporting documents.
  • Backup file of digitized documentation.
  • Attention of requirements when necessary.




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