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HR Management subscription

HR Management subscription

One of the most important areas of modern business work is labor relations. To optimize the work of a modern company, it is worth paying special attention to personnel issues.


Personnel management includes many different aspects necessary for the proper functioning of the company, for example, costing, execution of contracts, hiring / firing, etc. Many of these processes are complex and need to be performed on a regular basis, which is time consuming, which is why many companies choose to rely on ongoing human resources services.


Human resource services include:

Employee payroll record.

Registration of employment contracts.

Calculation of all expenses and monthly payments.

Procedures in the Social Security System.

Consulting within the framework of labor relations.

Selection of the most suitable working conditions.


To avoid potential problems and reduce costs, it is advisable to entrust personnel management to competent specialists with practical experience in this area.. E-consulting Abogados & Gestores offers the following HR services:



Our HR professionals are highly experienced in labor relationship management and will provide you with workflow optimization so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Ongoing staffing services will allow you:


  • Conclude the most suitable contracts with employees.


  • Always be aware of upcoming expenses and payments.


  • Do not have problems with the labor inspection.


With underwriter staffing services, you have access to consulting on staffing issues at any time and an individual approach to your company's staffing situation.




all our professionals have a lot of experience and are in a constant training process.



all the deadlines established by law are strictly followed and controlled by the internal department.


we use the latest generation management software and all the existing technologies on the market.


the quality of all services is constantly reviewed by the internal audit.


all our clients are consulted regarding the services provided.


We compensate the fines and interests produced by the fault of our accountants.



fill in the application attaching necessary data and documents

one of our professionals will contact you to see the details

Prepayment of service payment (standard payment method: 100% in advance

carrying out the necessary procedures to complete the requested service

sending the supporting documents for the service performed and final invoice.



José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez | Manager

José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez


Ksenia Ilicheva | Tax advisor

Ksenia Ilicheva

Tax advisor

Begoña Gómez Olivas | tax and accounting area director

Begoña Gómez Olivas

tax and accounting area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López | Labor area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López

Labor area director

Marina Orts Rodríguez | Administration and accounting

Marina Orts Rodríguez

Administration and accounting

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu | Legal services

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu

Legal services

David Camacho Mazarro | Foreigner area manager

David Camacho Mazarro

Foreigner area manager

Sonia Micaela Cejas | Traffic area

Sonia Micaela Cejas

Traffic area

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian | Administration

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian



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