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Notarial advice

Notarial advice

New circumstances constantly appear in business life, to which one must quickly adapt.

The high level of competition does not allow entrepreneurs to have the right to make mistakes of any kind; and less in the accounting of your company.

The proper reflection of all operations, the correct interpretation of legislative regulations and the recommendations of state agencies is the key to the tranquility of companies.

The number of inspections and penalties by the Tax Agency are directly related to the accounting policy of the company.

Often, individual entrepreneurs and business owners, including professional and experienced accountants hired by them, face very complex situations to resolve.

It is then when you will need to resolve doubts about the tax or accounting aspects that are being carried out in your company.

The legislation of our country is constantly changing, and sometimes we do not have sufficient means or time to adapt to them.

Accounting advice helps you save valuable time and avoid the risk of making an irreparable mistake.

Consultations by a qualified tax advisor are necessary at important stages of the company's existence, from its creation, reorganization, or liquidation or bankruptcy procedures.

Our clients receive a quick and competent response, since it employs a large number of experts specialized in different fields, and in addition to them: tax advisers, lawyers, auditors, and other competent people when necessary.

The pricing policy we apply to tax consultations is very flexible and depends on the brevity of the response, the time it takes to search for material and preparation, the number of legislative sources to process, and other factors.

Regardless of the topic, queries can be provided in our office, in writing, by phone or via WhatsApp call.

To make an appointment with one of our professionals, please fill out the corresponding form, briefly indicating the subject of your inquiry.




New customers

Subscription Clients

Tax consultations



30 euros / hour


50 euros / hour

40 euros / hour


* Prices without VAT included    


  • They are in constant training, deepening as much as possible in their area: sales and rentals, economic activities in various sectors, application of company taxes, individuals and self-employed, tax savings, etc.
  • They have a necessary preparation and therefore the ability to explain to the customer everything they need to know.
  • They care that customers receive enough information based on the amount paid and can make a correct decision.

Remember that timely and competent tax advice and at the same time on taxation is the basis of any economic activity, which constantly increases its profitability and avoids possible problems.





Resolution of all your doubts, gaps, errors about accounting and / or taxes.

Quick resolution of a non-standard situation, an unusual and difficult task.

All points on the i of the taxation of any type of tax.

Reduction of the company's tax costs, optimizing taxes.

It provides the necessary competence and knowledge when making decisions, opening or buying and selling a business.

Consultations can be provided individually, once or contracted as continuous support in monthly subscription mode.



Specific or unusual business taxes.

Review of tax application pending filing.

Tax policy planning for tax optimization.

Support and preparation for mandatory tax audits.

Development and adjustment of accounting policies.

Explanation of the tax law and its application.

Advice on the application of VAT in different sectors (general and special pro rata).



all our professionals have a lot of experience and are in a constant training process.



all the deadlines established by law are strictly followed and controlled by the internal department.


we use the latest generation management software and all the existing technologies on the market.


the quality of all services is constantly reviewed by the internal audit.


all our clients are consulted regarding the services provided.


We compensate the fines and interests produced by the fault of our accountants.


fill in the application attaching necessary data and documents

one of our professionals will contact you to see the details

Prepayment of service payment (standard payment method: 100% in advance

carrying out the necessary procedures to complete the requested service

sending the supporting documents for the service performed and final invoice.



José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez | Manager

José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez


Ksenia Ilicheva | Tax advisor

Ksenia Ilicheva

Tax advisor

Begoña Gómez Olivas | tax and accounting area director

Begoña Gómez Olivas

tax and accounting area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López | Labor area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López

Labor area director

Marina Orts Rodríguez | Administration and accounting

Marina Orts Rodríguez

Administration and accounting

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu | Legal services

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu

Legal services

David Camacho Mazarro | Foreigner area manager

David Camacho Mazarro

Foreigner area manager

Sonia Micaela Cejas | Traffic area

Sonia Micaela Cejas

Traffic area

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian | Administration

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian



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