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Limited company creation (SL)


Limited company creation service according to RD 368/2010 of 26 of march 2010.



  • Partners: maximum 5 (natural or legal persons).
    Company name must be unique (name selection criteria).
  • Share capital: minimum 3,000 euros (it is possible to contribute property as capital) *.
  • The notary who performs the procedure must be registered on the ANCERT online platform (notary finder).
  • All partners (or their representatives) must personally go to the notary to register the company. Representatives of the partners must have a corresponding power of attorney (in the case of powers of attorney granted abroad: apostilled or legalized by the Consulate and translated into Spanish).
  • In the event that the administrative body is made up of 2 or more people, determine the responsibility: individual or social (in the case of social responsibility, a maximum of 2 administrators is allowed).
  • In the event that not all partners and administrators have the right to work in Spain, hiring a manager is a prerequisite for carrying out economic activities (working hours of at least 4 hours).



Application for a company name: 1 - 2 business days. *​

Processing: 1 - 3 businedd days staring from processing at the notary's office. *​

*E-Consulting Abogados & Gestores is not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond its control or due to the fault of third parties.



  • Company name: provide 5 possible names for your company or choose from the list of possible names.
  • Registered office: it can be the domicile of one of the administrators.
  • Bank certificate of the contribution of the authorized capital in accordance with the participation of each partner. *
  • Company activities (CNAE): maximum 40 activities, main and secondary (see list). Partners and partners - administrators (without the right to work): valid identity documents for each partner (DNI / RESIDENCE PERMIT / NIE and passport / identity card for EU citizens).
  • Partners-legal persons: company incorporation documents (apostilled / legalized in the case of foreign companies and translated into Spanish by a sworn translator) and identity documents of the representatives.
  • Employees and administrators-employed by third parties (or with a participation of less than 25% of the share capital): identification documents (foreigners who are not EU citizens: valid work permit) and social security number (NAF).
  • Married partners: identity documents of the spouse (DNI / NIE and passport) and matrimonial regime. In case of marriage with separation of assets (for foreigners: apostilled and translated into Spanish).
  • Underage members: birth certificate (for foreigners: it must be apostilled and translated) and documentation of the legal representative (DNI / NIE and passport).
  • Activity start date: maximum 2 months from the date of formalization at the notary.
  • Economic activity code (IAE): main and additional (codes list).
  • Address of the business center (it can be the residence address of one of the partners).
  • Employee contract data: activity start date, position, salary and contract duration.
  • Account number for payment of Social Security contributions for employees and Commercial Registry fees (if the company does not have an account, temporarily indicate the account of one of the partners).

*in accordance with section 2 of Law 11/2018, of December 28, amending the Capital Companies Law, namely, art. 62 "... in the event that each partner declares in the statutory document on the individual responsibility that the company represents before various types of creditors, ... documentary proof of the contribution of authorized capital to the bank account is not necessary" .​


Limited partnership creation service 280,00 euros*
Application for company name (taxes included) 28,04 euros
Notary fees since 80 euros*
Provincial Commercial Registry fees since 60 euros*
Electronic certificate of entity since 30 euros*
Notary assistance or translator services 40 euros / hora*

*the cost of the service is calculated on the basis of a company with a minimum share capital (3000 euros) and formed by 1 partner - administrator, a natural person, price without VAT (for other cases - request an estimate). 


  • Unlimited consultations in the scope of the service.
  • Presentation of the 1st application for the company name.
  • Preparation and completion of legal documents.
  • Request for an appointment to formalize the documents at the notary's office.
  • Request for a provisional tax identification number (CIF).
  • Presentation of the declaration of beginning of the activity (mod. 036).
  • Application for registration in the Registry of Intra-Community Operators (ROI).
  • Registration in special tax regimes, where necessary.
  • Presentation of Municipal Tax Declaration (ITP / AJD).
  • Registration in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Request for the final CIF.
  • Registration in Tax Agency.
  • Registration of company administrators in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA).
  • Request for the social security contribution account code (CCC).
  • Registration of workers in Social Security.



  • Request for additional company names in case of denial of the first request.



todos nuestros profesionales tienen mucha experiencia y están en constante proceso de formación.



todos los plazos establecidos por al ley se cumplen estrictamente y se controlan por el departamento interno.


utilizamos software de gestión de última generación y todas las tecnologías existentes en el mercado.


la calidad de todos los servicios se revisa constantemente por la auditoría interna.


a todos nuestros clientes se hacen cconsultas relacionadas con los servicios prestados.


compensamos las multas e intereses producidos por culpa de nuestros contables.


rellena la solicitud adjuntando datos y documentos necesarios

uno de nuestros profesionales se pondrá en contacto con Usted para ver los detalles

Pago previo de pago de servicio (forma de pago estandart: 100 % por adelantado

realización de trámites necesarios para concluir el servicio solicitado

envío de los justificantes del servicio realizado y factura final.



José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez | Manager

José Marí­a Esteve Rodrí­guez


Ksenia Ilicheva | Tax advisor

Ksenia Ilicheva

Tax advisor

Begoña Gómez Olivas | tax and accounting area director

Begoña Gómez Olivas

tax and accounting area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López | Labor area director

Sandra Milena Aranda López

Labor area director

Marina Orts Rodríguez | Administration and accounting

Marina Orts Rodríguez

Administration and accounting

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu | Legal services

Vanessa Burillo Bernabeu

Legal services

David Camacho Mazarro | Foreigner area manager

David Camacho Mazarro

Foreigner area manager

Sonia Micaela Cejas | Traffic area

Sonia Micaela Cejas

Traffic area

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian | Administration

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian



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