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Tax and accounting

Financial management, tax advice, accurate accounting.

For tax and accounting advice, we carry out the necessary management so that the client fulfills his obligations with the Tax Administration, offering our clients a monthly payment adapted to their needs.


Labor advice, regulatory compliance, conflict resolution.

Comprehensive labor management for companies, opening work centers. Procedures in Social Security and SEPE, dual training contracts, processing of subsidies, retirement, unemployment benefits, widowhood, orphanhood, etc.


Strategic advice for entrepreneurs.

Self-employed registration, certificate of company name, public limited company, civil society, community property, advice and management in the creation of companies.

commercial deed

Effective business legal procedures.

Comprehensive tax advice for companies, freelancers, non-profit entities, individuals, property companies, autonomous self-assessments.


Comprehensive administrative support.

Comprehensive outsourcing of business management and administration. Issuance of digital certificates for companies, entities and individuals. Opening and management of bank accounts.


Specialized legal advice.

Through the monthly subscription for the legal services area, the client, whether a company or individual, will have access to our professional services adapted to their needs.


Immigration procedures and residence.

Processing of residence and work authorizations for foreigners, social roots and family grouping. Renewal and modification of residence cards.


Personalized business training.

Subsidized training to obtain professional certificates. FUNDAE subsidized dual training courses for companies, accreditation of professional experience.

Traffic and Maritime Captaincy

Specialized legal advice.

Consulting and Management Services in the various procedures both in road and maritime traffic, helping owners to comply with the necessary legal and administrative requirements.

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