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This service allows you to present claims and request a surcharge for economic benefits derived from an accident at work or occupational disease, due to a lack of occupational health and safety measures.

Who is it for?

The requests are addressed to the beneficiaries of the benefits derived from the work accident, while the allegations may be presented by the beneficiaries of the benefits and by the affected companies.

What it allows to do

  • Request the surcharge of economic benefits due to lack of occupational health and safety measures.
  • The presentation of claims.
  • Download and attach the form.
  • Attach documentation.

What you need to do it

  • Fill in the corresponding application form.
  • Attach a copy of the documents detailed in its instructions.
  • Have software that allows you to complete and save the application to later attach it.

To consider

If you access with User + Password (Permanent Cl@ve), to guarantee a higher level of security, a code will be sent via SMS to the mobile number that you have declared during the registration, a code that you must enter to be able to sign the communication in the electronic register.

The province of processing is the one where the worker resides.

The Observations section will only be completed when an application form is not attached, indicating all the necessary data to be able to process the benefit.

The connection session is temporarily limited, so if it expires while you are completing the request, you must start it again and finish the actions you have pending.

You must provide the documentation that proves that you are no longer involved in any cause of incompatibility that until now made it impossible for you to receive the benefit.

If you act as a representative, you must attach the standard representation model, which appears in the attached documentation section, or any legally valid document that provides a reliable record of the representation.

The total size of the documentation to be attached cannot exceed 10 Mb.

Next steps

Once the process has been completed, you will receive an "acknowledgment of receipt" in PDF format.

If you do not receive the confirmation message or, where appropriate, you receive an error or transmission deficiency message, you must submit the submission at another time or use other means.

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